Can You Homeschool 5 Kids for $50 a Year? Here’s Some Tips!

by Cassie on June 14, 2012

There is a great article with tips and ideas to homeschool for very little money.  Anyone can do it, it is just a matter of being creative! So we loved the ideas that Tami shared on our other site,  The Thrifty Couple.

Here’s a peek at the article:

  • When I teach a child to read I don’t buy any fancy phonics program. I simply buy an alphabet chart for $2 and we learn the letters together. Once those are mastered we work on the sounds. Once we have that down pat we begin going over the Bob Books or another beginner reader series and  then we are reading! Again, thrift shops and yard sales are great places to find these.
  • Gardening is a big science project around here! So is animal husbandry. We plan to add to our animals very soon. We have dogs, cats and chickens but we are moving to a farm where goats and cows are first on the list! I will sometimes hand my kids each a Mother Earth magazine during reading time and tell them to learn something new.  By the way, reading time is a time to read whatever they want, Nancy Drew, Spongebob, whatever, just so they are reading. All my kids love to read, just so you know ~smile.

You can read the full article on How I Homeschool 5 Children on Less Than $50 a Year.

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