If you’re looking for a book to read then you might want to check this one out – and for a nice price of FREE!

Admit it.  If nothing else this book has one of the coolest titles known to man.  Of course, The Death of Death in the Death of Christ by John Owen (Amazon link) does beat it, but not many other books do.

Who do we believe truly rules over the United States?  We know the answer is Jesus Christ.  This book takes a fresh look at the politics and is willing to stand up to the denial by Christians and politicians and presents a view yet again directly tied to the Word of God.

Click here to get Political Polytheism by Gary North ebook for FREE!


We love this deal that you can get on a program to help your children have personal Bible Study time.  The Bible study series is called “Quiet Times for Kids” and right now they have 4 Mini-Bible Study series that are normally $6, but with coupon code: ministudy50 you can get them for $3.  They are downloadable and printable to be able to make your own notebooks and study books.

Here are the four studies included in the $3 sale:

  • Proverbs Pack: the Proverbs Pack Bible Study contains two separate studies on the book of Proverbs for a total of over 60 days of Bible studies for your child.
  • The Peacemaker Study: God’s Word has a lot to say about peacemaking.  Learning to be a peacemaker in your home will make it a more blessed and peaceful place for your whole family.
  • The Book of James: The Book of James has been referred to as the ‘Proverbs of the New Testament’ because it contains so many practical lessons for the believer.
  • The Names of Jesus: In this study your child will learn twenty different names that the Bible uses to refer to Jesus. Learning the names of Jesus can help us gain a better understanding of His nature and character.

Head to the Quiet Times for Kids site HERE to see more details! Be sure to use coupon code: ministudy50 to get them for only $3 each!