Pizza Hut is currently accepting 2012-2013 school year Book-It program applications.  Please note, there are only two more days to register as the deadline is September 1st to be guaranteed a spot.  You can register after September 1st, but it is first come, first serve based on availability.    This will be our third year participating as homeschoolers.  We appreciate the fact that they are including all of us in their program!

We loved the Book-It program when we were kids (including Cassie who grew up homeschooled) and so it is fun for our kids to get a special and rare treat.  This year, we were able to include our 5 year old son and so he was pretty excited! He barely missed the qualifications last year as he just had his 6th birthday and he needed to be six just a couple of weeks earlier.

Plus, thanks to Hooked on Phonics our three older children will be eating a lot of Pizza AGAIN this year :)

Also, remember that the parents do not have to make a purchase for the kids to get their FREE pizzas!


HSLDA has been offering a 10% off sale on 10 of their items.  The one that caught my eye was From Tyndale to Madison, a book by Michael Farris discussing the issues facing religious liberty in the respective historical contexts.

I am currently studying the history of the Westminster Standards and am hungry to dig into the history, specifically from Henry VIII through Charles I and their contribution towards setting the stage for those standards.

If you were planning on purchasing any of these materials through HSLDA, this 10% off sale could be one way to get a discount!


The Brethren: A Tale of the Crusades Free eBook PDF Download

June 14, 2012

Christian Liberty Press is offering The Brethren: A Tale of the Crusades as their free ebook of the month for June 2012.  We like to download these ebooks and then read them out load as a family or let the older kids read them.  It is always nice to have these in your back pocket. [...]

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